Ortho Christmas Village

Enchanting Christmas Journey: A Magical Event Curated by e3 Consults for Orthodox Club Amman"

ABOUT Ortho Christmas village

As e3 consults, we were tasked with overseeing and executing the entire event design for the Orthodox Club Amman during the Christmas celebrations in 2022. Our objective was to manage the customer journey and provide comprehensive solutions for the event, ensuring that it followed the pre-designed plan and that traffic flowed smoothly.

To achieve this, we designed the concept and theme of the event, taking into consideration the client’s requirements and the essence of the Christmas season. We meticulously planned every detail, from the decoration of the venue to the overall ambience of the event, to create a magical and memorable experience for the attendees.

In addition, our team managed the customer journey, ensuring that every guest felt welcomed and attended to throughout the event. We provided solutions to any issues that arose during the event to ensure a smooth flow, and we were always available to respond to any queries or concerns.

Thanks to our efforts, we successfully delivered a wonderful event that was enjoyed by the guests and the client. We are proud of our work for the Orthodox Club Amman and look forward to creating more memorable events in the future.


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