Sahraya 2023

A Ramadan Tent Experience Celebrating Egyptian Culture

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ABOUT Sahraya 2023

This past Ramadan, e3 consults curated an exceptional Ramadan tent experience in Amman, Jordan. Inspired by its name, Sahraya 2023, meaning party, fun, and going out, the tent was themed around Egyptian arts and culture. From the Ramadan decorations to the vintage movie covers and live music performances by local and international artists, Sahraya welcomed over 2500 guests throughout the holy month.

The tent featured a range of traditional and modern Egyptian dishes, providing guests with a unique culinary experience. The atmosphere was vibrant, with colorful decorations and Egyptian-inspired elements. The event was managed flawlessly, ensuring the smooth flow of traffic and guest satisfaction.

Overall, Sahraya 2023 was a highly successful event that brought people together to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan and Egyptian culture. E3 consults’ meticulous planning and attention to detail made it an unforgettable experience for all who attended

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