Wadi Rum


by: e3 & Raw Escape

Wadi Rum


Wadi Rum Wanderlust, a luxurious 3-day escape is an adventureinto the heart of Jordan’s phenomenal wilderness that you won’t want to miss. Attendees will experience breathtaking landscapesand historic sites with exhilarating Jeep tours and awe-inspiringhot air balloon rides over the desert terrain.

Najwan Masri.

Your host

I aim to elevate the tourism industry in the Middle East by preserving our rich cuisine, heritage, and history while modernizing it to inspire future generations. My goal is to showcase the growth and development of our culture to guests from around the world and provide them with a unique and enriching experience that highlights the difference and diversity of our region.

Hayat Rum

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escapes | 2023

Wadi Rum Wanderlust 2023

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